Food labelling a sign of the times?

So the UK is going to introduce food labelling in 2013. The news has been welcomed by food campaigners, consumer activists and many nutritionists.

After years of stalling and obstruction, food retailers have swung in behind the process. It was during the consultation on the new labelling regime, which has been announced today by the Department of Health, that Tesco declared their support for a hybrid system of traffic lights and guideline daily amounts (GDAs).
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The Church of England fails to convince on CSR

City workers think there is too big a divide between rich and poor. This is one of the apparently contradictory findings in a report issued on 7 November by the St Paul’s Institute – the cathedral’s thinktank – following a survey of 515 City workers.

And the week before, the Bishop of London Richard Chartres asked former investment banker and committed Anglican Ken Costa to ‘start a dialogue’ on ethical capitalism.

These announcements suggest the Church of England is trying to move on from the embarrassment caused by three resignations at St Paul’s and show the Occupy protesters that it is taking their concerns seriously.
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