Food labelling a sign of the times?

So the UK is going to introduce food labelling in 2013. The news has been welcomed by food campaigners, consumer activists and many nutritionists.

After years of stalling and obstruction, food retailers have swung in behind the process. It was during the consultation on the new labelling regime, which has been announced today by the Department of Health, that Tesco declared their support for a hybrid system of traffic lights and guideline daily amounts (GDAs).
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Nike ‘just did it’ to Lance

So Nike has taken the inevitable step of terminating its contract with Lance Armstrong. This is hardly surprising. It doesn’t take much to consider what Just Do It could mean in this context. Watching the July 2012 Nike advert with Lance Armstrong is now uncomfortable viewing. Over images of Armstrong cycling up a hill, a disembodied voice says ‘I got up the next day… and I’m stronger than I ever was before’. ‘Yuh, I bet you were!’, is of course what we are all thinking now.
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Could domain name .eco be a force for environmental change?

Greenwash. Some would argue it happens all the time. Indeed, as a CSR professional I have been accused of aiding and abetting greenwash myself. I like to think otherwise, but I can see why people hold those views, when companies seem to do good with one hand and bad with the other.

Imagine what people will think when they see those same companies with a website that ends with .eco. It could well be happening by next year but by working together, the global environmental community could ensure .eco is not greenwash. Instead it can become a vehicle for improving corporate sustainability performance.
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